Because of the strong demand for non-gelatin capsules, cellulose esters (such as hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, etc.), plant polysaccharides (such as pullulan, alginic acid, carrageenan and agar) and plant starch have been formed internationally. A new type of plant capsule product of three different types of raw materials represented by the class (such as modified corn starch, potato starch and sweet potato starch).

According to the latest report from the European pharmaceutical media, another non-gelatin capsule new product to be launched in the European market is a polyvinyl alcohol copolymer capsule. According to the developer, the new capsule shell is made from a copolymer of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and methyl methacrylate (MMA) and processed into a two-piece capsule shell that is commonly used in the market. The capsule shell made of PVA alone is brittle and easy to be broken when filling the powder. On the basis of PVA, a layer of MMA can greatly improve the toughness of the capsule, and its processing performance is basically the same as that of the currently marketed HPMC capsule. Similarly, production costs are lower than commercially available plant capsules.

Another large capsule manufacturer, Austria BPScherer, recently developed Veegicas, a soft capsule based on agar (also known as one of the seaweed polysaccharides), which is suitable for the processing of various liquid preparations into oral products. Currently, Vecicaps has been sold in many countries including Europe, Asia and Africa.

More excellent gelatin capsule substitutes will appear in the future to meet people's health requirements.