Many healthcare products are in capsule form. The reason for choosing this dosage form is that the capsule can avoid the stimulation of the ingredients on the stomach, reduce the loss in the delivery, increase the absorption of the ingredients, and cover the bitter taste and odor of certain ingredients. Both hard and soft capsules are used in the health care industry.

The hard capsule shell is relatively strong and brittle and consists of a capsule body and a cap. Many capsule bodies and their caps are separable. Hard capsules are generally filled with powder or granules, such as grape seed extract, milk thistle powder, and the like.

hard capsule

Soft capsules are mainly used to encapsulate a certain amount of liquid components, or to dissolve and seal the solid components. The capsule is suitable for the filling of oily, liquid health-care ingredients such as fish oil, astaxanthin and the like. The good sealing performance of the soft capsule makes the oily and liquid substances difficult to overflow.

soft capsule

In recent years, there have been new types of liquid-filled hard capsules. This capsule is a hard capsule, but it can be filled with oil, liquid, and then sealed. Compared with soft capsules, the preparation process of liquid-filled capsules is simplified, and the use of less auxiliary materials is easier to absorb. It is increasingly accepted by healthcare manufacturers and is widely used in health care formulations.