Capsules have been widely used in recent years due to their advantages such as relatively simple production process, convenient taking, fast onset, and effective isolation of the bad odor of drugs. This formulation has become the most common and marketable dosage form in the health care industry. At present, the capsules on the market are mainly gelatin capsules. Gelatin is mainly made of animal bone, skin and other raw materials, and is an animal-derived capsule.

But nowadays vegetarian capsules are gradually becoming familiar with people and have become a trend. According to relevant data surveys, the annual growth rate of plant capsules in the world is 25%.

For halal or vegetarians, vegetarian capsules may be more suitable for them. Compared with traditional gelatin soft capsules, the thermal stability of vegetarian capsules is even better. Even in the environment of more than 50 ° C, this product can maintain a complete shape, with no deformation, no sticking, greatly reducing the requirements for summer transportation and storage. It is used in a wide range of applications, not only in the traditional nutrition and health products, but also in skin care essence capsules.

Gelatin capsules are easy to crosslink with the contents, sensitive to temperature and humidity, and have low stability. Vegetable capsules play a role in fostering strengths and avoiding shortcomings, helping to further consolidate their appeal to core consumers of organic foods and cleaning labels without the use of additives, while attracting more consumers in an increasingly aging and nurturing market. - especially those who are looking for vegan products.

Features of Vegetable Capsules:

  1.      The materials are 100% vegetarian derived from Pullulan/ HPMC
  2.      Irritant-free and Preservative-free are ensured
  3.      Suitable for different races
  4.      Various sizes available: Empty Hard Pullulan Capsules of sizes 000, 00, 0, 1 and 2.
  5.      Easily digestible and soluble in body and is also taste good without any odor.

Features of Gelatin Capsules:

  1.      The materials are 100% hide gelatin, derived from bovine raw materials
  2.      Outstanding quality, in accordance with GMP standards
  3.      Suitable for pharmaceuticals health and nutrition products