Enteric capsules are capsules that can only be dissolved and absorbed in the small intestine of the human body. The enteric capsule is a special medicinal polymer material added to the capsule shell or specially treated to make it dissolve in the gastric juice, and only dissolves in the intestinal juice. Therefore, the capsule will not be dissolved in the stomach, or in the water or even in the boiling water.

enteric capsules

The production process of enteric-coated hollow capsule shell is complicated, and it is necessary to use multiple tannin extracts for production. First, a layer of gelatin is applied. After the gelatin layer is dried, one or more layers of enteric properties are coated on the gelatin layer. Then, it is completed by procedures such as demoulding, cutting, nesting, sorting, and inspection.

Enteric capsules and ordinary capsules are distinguished. The main difference is the difference between the dissolution and absorption sites of the drug. The dissolution and absorption sites of enteric capsules are in the lower digestive tract, such as the small intestine; while with ordinary capsules, the drug is dissolved in the stomach. Therefore, if some drugs are more irritating to the stomach, they can be made into enteric-coated capsules to reduce the damage of the drug to the stomach.

How long will the enteric capsule dissolve?

Food is taken from the stomach to the empty intestine, usually 2-6 hours. As an enteric capsule does not melt in the acidic environment of the stomach, it needs to be absorbed by the body at least 2-3 hours after the capsule reaches the alkaline environment of the intestine.