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Blog posts tagged with 'capsules'

Capsules are commonly used in people's daily lives. The main capsular material of the empty capsule is gelatin. Because of its unique structure and dissociation of anion and cation on the molecular chain, medicinal gelatin has good solubility and water retention. However, not all medicines can be made into capsule preparations.
Capsule Taking Method -Thursday, June 20, 2019
Capsule pills are the most common form of pharmaceutical dosage form. The reason why the drug is contained in the capsule is to facilitate swallowing on the one hand, and to ensure the efficacy and safety on the other hand. However, there are still many people who lack awareness of capsule drugs and cannot get the best taking results.
Your curiosity might ask why almost all capsules on the market are similar in shape, well, this is due to easily use and historical reasons. Many people have a misunderstanding that oval shape is easy to swallow, however, the capsule size is the key factor that influence the swallow.
Capsules can be made in virtually any color in technical aspect, including a variety of different transparency, color combinations of body and cap, even the gloss varies.
Many healthcare products are in capsule form. The reason for choosing this dosage form is that the capsule can avoid the stimulation of the ingredients on the stomach, reduce the loss in the delivery, increase the absorption of the ingredients, and cover the bitter taste and odor of certain ingredients. Both hard and soft capsules are used in the health care industry.
Benefits of Making Your Own Capsules -Wednesday, June 5, 2019
In daily life, many medicines have been made from capsules. This supplement is expensive to sell on the market, and its internal ingredients are very mixed, so more and more people choose homemade capsule supplements.
The same medicine will have different dosage forms, such as tablets, capsules and granules. So what is the difference between a tablet and a capsule? What are the characteristics of tablets and capsules?
Is it bad to open capsule pills? -Wednesday, May 22, 2019
The action of “unplugging the capsule” is wrong, because the capsule itself has the effect of protecting the internal medicine from reaching the body for complete absorption. If only the medicine in the capsule is eaten, the effect is compromised.
As the wide usage of the gelatin, some of its problems were gradually revealed. Therefore, many experts started to look for a new alternative for capsule material, which would be safer and healthier. HPMC (HYDROXYPROPYL METHYLCELLULOSE) is one of the suitable alternatives, and then it comes out HPMC capsule.
HPMC Capsule and Pullulan Capsule account for almost all themarket shares of vegetarian capsules. The main difference is that Pullulan Capsule is 70%-100% more expensive than HPMC Capsule. HPMC can only obtain vegetarian certification, while Pullulan can obtain vegetarian certification and organic certification.