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In an article in The Lancet, scientists from the University of Leeds, the University of Nottingham, Bradford University and Newcastle University found that aspirin and EPA can reduce specific precancerous conditions in the intestines of people at high risk of colorectal cancer. The number of polyps!
When making a capsule pill, we need to know that not all powders can be casually filled into a capsule. It's not so easy to produce a pill. Here are some important factors need to be considered when designing a capsule pill.
It is a common phenomenon that capsules cannot be swallowed. The general reason is that the capsules are too large and it should be prevented before taking the medicine. Here is the summary which may help you swallow the capsules more smoothly.
The main excipients for capsules are diluents, lubricants, glidants, disintegrants, wetting agents, adhesives, etc. The correct excipients enable the capsule to achieve the desired pharmacokinetic properties and reduce manufacturing costs. It simplifies the manufacture of pharmaceutical products and ultimately promotes the physiological absorption of the drug.
Capsules are commonly used in people's daily lives. The main capsular material of the empty capsule is gelatin. Because of its unique structure and dissociation of anion and cation on the molecular chain, medicinal gelatin has good solubility and water retention. However, not all medicines can be made into capsule preparations.
Capsule Taking Method -Thursday, June 20, 2019
Capsule pills are the most common form of pharmaceutical dosage form. The reason why the drug is contained in the capsule is to facilitate swallowing on the one hand, and to ensure the efficacy and safety on the other hand. However, there are still many people who lack awareness of capsule drugs and cannot get the best taking results.
Nowadays, the main material of the capsule is gelatin. Although gelatin has many great characteristics, it does have its downsides. As the matter of fact, we have been doing R&D of new capsule materials over the years, and various types of capsules such as vegetarian capsules, X capsules etc.
Why most health products use capsules -Thursday, June 13, 2019
One advantage of capsules over tablets is that they are not only capable of delivering solids but also capable of delivering non-aqueous liquids and semi-solids. In general, oily, liquid, and the like, which are difficult to compress into tablets, or which have an odor, are often in the form of capsules. The followings are advantages of capsule form.
Your curiosity might ask why almost all capsules on the market are similar in shape, well, this is due to easily use and historical reasons. Many people have a misunderstanding that oval shape is easy to swallow, however, the capsule size is the key factor that influence the swallow.
Capsules can be made in virtually any color in technical aspect, including a variety of different transparency, color combinations of body and cap, even the gloss varies.