Could Tablet replace capsule? -Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Tablet and capsule are two major forms of nutrition supplement. However, there used to be a poison capsule incident that capsule was detected of exceeded heavy metal in Asia, which brought out widely public concern of the capsule safety and could it be replaced by tablets?
How to Give Medicines to Your Dog ? -Thursday, June 6, 2019
With the growing number of pet owners, how to care for pets has become a major problem. Especially when the dog is sick, you have to give it medicine. However, each drug has a corresponding response. When feeding a dog, pay attention to the choice of drug materials. In general, capsules and dispersible tablets are better, making it easier for dogs to take medicines.
Benefits of Making Your Own Capsules -Wednesday, June 5, 2019
In daily life, many medicines have been made from capsules. This supplement is expensive to sell on the market, and its internal ingredients are very mixed, so more and more people choose homemade capsule supplements.
A capsule is a preparation in which a solid or semi-solid drug is filled in an empty capsule. The medicament has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, easy swallowing and easy absorption. The current capsule filling process is mainly mechanical, pure manual and capsule filler filling.
The common capsules are two-section type, and the capsule cap with a larger diameter covers the smaller capsule body to form a sealed state. Imagine if the two parts are the same color, it is difficult to distinguish between the lid and the container based on the similar size and diameter. Therefore, in order to ensure that production is not error-prone, manufacturers use different colors to distinguish between two different caliber parts, which can avoid errors in mass production.
The same medicine will have different dosage forms, such as tablets, capsules and granules. So what is the difference between a tablet and a capsule? What are the characteristics of tablets and capsules?
Is it bad to open capsule pills? -Wednesday, May 22, 2019
The action of “unplugging the capsule” is wrong, because the capsule itself has the effect of protecting the internal medicine from reaching the body for complete absorption. If only the medicine in the capsule is eaten, the effect is compromised.
As the wide usage of the gelatin, some of its problems were gradually revealed. Therefore, many experts started to look for a new alternative for capsule material, which would be safer and healthier. HPMC (HYDROXYPROPYL METHYLCELLULOSE) is one of the suitable alternatives, and then it comes out HPMC capsule.
HPMC Capsule and Pullulan Capsule account for almost all themarket shares of vegetarian capsules. The main difference is that Pullulan Capsule is 70%-100% more expensive than HPMC Capsule. HPMC can only obtain vegetarian certification, while Pullulan can obtain vegetarian certification and organic certification.
Gelatin capsules are much more widely used than vegetarian capsules, The main reason is the price. Vegetarian capsules are worthy of their high price, people prefer vegetarian capsules.