Capsule Printing Defects -Thursday, August 29, 2019
Patterns are often required to be printed on the surface of the capsule when customizing. Capsule printing includes linear printing, circular printing, two-color printing, directional printing, and the like.
Our company provides capsule customization services. All sizes, colors and types of capsules can be designed according to your needs. In order to improve the traceability, aesthetics, and anti-counterfeiting protection of capsule products, CapsulCN can print on the surface of the capsule according to the images you provide.
Capsule Appearance Defect -Monday, August 26, 2019
Capsules with appearance defects are inevitable during the production process. Since the appearance of the capsule affects the filling of the capsule product, the desire of the consumer to purchase, etc., it is an important step in the capsule production process to check whether the capsule has an appearance defect.
Storage of the empty capsule shells -Tuesday, July 23, 2019
The storage of empty capsule shells is easily ignored by many people, because most people think that it is easy to stock the empty capsule shells. However. hollow capsules are as brittle as other medications, and incorrect storage will affect their quality and service life. Hence, hollow capsules also need to be carefully stored.
Hydrolysis reaction: Gelatin capsules are easily hydrolyzed below pH ph and above pH 10. The viscosity of the mixture after hydrolysis increases and the dissolution rate becomes slower.
As an auxiliary means of diet, supplements are used to supplement the amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, minerals and so on. Multivitamins, calcium tablets, cod liver oil, natural vitamin E and so on are all common supplements. But can supplements really make you healthier? How should we choose supplements?
According to the analysis of the "Empty Capsules Market by Type ((Gelatin - Porcine, Bovine, Bone Meal), (HPMC, Pullulan)), Functionality (Sustained-release, Delayed-release), Application (Antibiotics, Vitamins, Antacids), End User (Pharma, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics) - Forecast to 2023" report, the empty capsule market is expected to reach 2.79 billion US dollars by 2023, and an estimated annual growth rate of 7.4% from 2018.
Storage of Empty Capsules -Tuesday, June 4, 2019
The empty pill capsule is mainly used for containing solid drugs, such as homemade powder, health care products, medicines, etc., and solves the problem of bad tastes. Capsules have good bioavailability and dissolve quickly, reliably and safely, so they are very popular.
What is an empty capsule made of? -Monday, May 20, 2019
The raw materials of empty capsules can generally be divided into gelatin capsules and vegetarian capsules. Gelatin is a white or light yellow, translucent, micro-glossy sheet or powder that is degraded by collagen in connective tissue such as animal skin, bone, and sarcolemma. It is a hydrophilic colloid of macromolecules and is a low-calorie health food with high nutritional value. Another large class of capsules are plant capsules. The outer shell of a plant capsule is generally prepared from a material such as starch, HPMC, Pullulan.
Empty capsules mostly made of gelatin, can hold a variety of powders, liquids, semi-solids and tablets. In addition, the capsule has good bioavailability and it dissolves quickly, reliably and safely. The specifications of hollow capsules are generally divided into eight.