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Blog posts tagged with 'vegetarian capsules'

Vegetarian capsules are empty capsules made from plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharides. These capsules are rich in raw materials, such as carrageenan starch, malt extract, various celluloses, alginates, beeswax, etc., as well as some plasticizers such as glycerin, sorbitol, maltitol, propylene glycol, polyethylene, alcohol and water.
Vegetarian capsules are hollow glues made from plant cellulosic materials. The plant capsule retains the advantages of traditional gelatin capsules: it is convenient to take, effectively masks the taste and smell, and the contents are transparent and visible. Moreover, compared with gelatin capsules, plant capsules have a tight molecular structure, strong sealing, effectively avoiding the oxidation reaction of the drug in contact with air. Here are two easy ways to distinguish between plant capsules and gelatin capsules.
Capsules have been widely used in recent years due to their advantages such as relatively simple production process, convenient taking, fast onset, and effective isolation of the bad odor of drugs. For halal or vegetarians, vegetarian capsules may be more suitable for them. Compared with traditional gelatin soft capsules, the thermal stability of vegetarian capsules is even better.