Why most health products use capsules -Thursday, June 13, 2019
One advantage of capsules over tablets is that they are not only capable of delivering solids but also capable of delivering non-aqueous liquids and semi-solids. In general, oily, liquid, and the like, which are difficult to compress into tablets, or which have an odor, are often in the form of capsules. The followings are advantages of capsule form.
Your curiosity might ask why almost all capsules on the market are similar in shape, well, this is due to easily use and historical reasons. Many people have a misunderstanding that oval shape is easy to swallow, however, the capsule size is the key factor that influence the swallow.
Capsules can be made in virtually any color in technical aspect, including a variety of different transparency, color combinations of body and cap, even the gloss varies.
How to swallow capsules more easily? -Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Some people often have difficulty swallowing when we take pill capsules. They always feel sticky on the esophagus when capsule swallowed into the throat. It is unpleasant and even suffocating. This is caused by a certain viscosity of the mucosa because the capsule shell is made of gelatin and other ingredients. So how can you easily eat capsules more conveniently?
Many healthcare products are in capsule form. The reason for choosing this dosage form is that the capsule can avoid the stimulation of the ingredients on the stomach, reduce the loss in the delivery, increase the absorption of the ingredients, and cover the bitter taste and odor of certain ingredients. Both hard and soft capsules are used in the health care industry.
Could Tablet replace capsule? -Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Tablet and capsule are two major forms of nutrition supplement. However, there used to be a poison capsule incident that capsule was detected of exceeded heavy metal in Asia, which brought out widely public concern of the capsule safety and could it be replaced by tablets?
According to the analysis of the "Empty Capsules Market by Type ((Gelatin - Porcine, Bovine, Bone Meal), (HPMC, Pullulan)), Functionality (Sustained-release, Delayed-release), Application (Antibiotics, Vitamins, Antacids), End User (Pharma, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics) - Forecast to 2023" report, the empty capsule market is expected to reach 2.79 billion US dollars by 2023, and an estimated annual growth rate of 7.4% from 2018.
Ethylene oxide is an efficient and broad-spectrum gas sterilizer with strong volatility and strong penetrability. It can penetrate polyethylene film in 5 seconds. Ethylene oxide can react with microbial proteins, DNA, and RNA to kill microorganisms, is therefore widely used for sterilization of medical devices and plastic products.
Food grade H2O2, as a disinfectant, bleaching agent, etc., is widely used in food processing such as dairy products and dried bean curd. The Ministry of Health GB2760-1996 has strict control over the scope, area and dosage of H2O2, and it is not allowed to detect it in the final product.
Gelatin is a collagen in the skin, bone and tendons of animals. After partial hydrolysis, the protein product obtained by purification is also a good microbial culture medium under a certain water content. Therefore, microbial control of gelatin products is critical.