The correct method of taking capsules -Wednesday, September 25, 2019
A capsule is a preparation in which a drug is encapsulated in capsule body and cap, usually divided into a hard capsule and a soft capsule. Drugs encapsulated in capsule shells are generally irritating drugs for the esophagus and gastric mucosa, or some drugs that are not good in taste and are easily volatile. These drugs are contained in the capsule shell, which can mask their own bad odor, protect the drug from damage, and avoid irritating our esophagus and stomach.
Who Needs to Supplement Probiotics -Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Probiotics can be obtained from food, which can help the body to promote intestinal digestion, improve intestinal peristalsis, and effectively prevent intestinal bacteria from multiplying, thereby achieving a preventive health care function. So who needs to supplement probiotics?
Benefits of Probiotics -Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Probiotics promote intestinal health by regulating host mucosal and systemic immune function or by regulating the balance of intestinal flora. When the number of probiotics in the intestine is sufficient, the body's digestion, absorption, detoxification, and immune functions are all in a normal state.
Recently, Lancet Oncology released the first global disease burden report to assess cancer in children and adolescents. The report said that childhood cancer is the sixth big cancer burden in the world after adult lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer.
Probiotics and Weight Loss -Monday, September 23, 2019
The probiotic product refers to a live bacterial supplement and a metabolite thereof that promote the balance of the micro-ecology of the host and exert a favorable effect to improve the health of the host.
What should infants and young children drink? -Sunday, September 22, 2019
Early childhood is an important time to start developing healthy eating habits. Studies have shown that children's drinks from birth to 5 years of age have a great impact on their health now and in the years to come. Children learn to enjoy their favorite flavors when they are 9 months old. These preferences can last until childhood and even adulthood.
According to the Russian National University of Southern Ural, a team of scientists from Russia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Finland has discovered a mechanism for invalidating HIV molecules.
In a new study, researchers from the Jonah Research Center at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in the United States carefully unraveled more than 1,000 entangled neurons and tracked the branching path of each cell in the brain. To determine where it is going and which cells are connected. They reported that these neurons would stretch more than 80 meters if placed end-to-end. Related research results were recently published in the journal Cell, entitled "Reconstruction of 1,000 Projection Neurons Reveals New Cell Types and Organization of Long-Range Connectivity in the Mouse Brain."
Countries around the world attach great importance to the development of health foods. New functions, new products, new shapes and new ways of eating are constantly emerging.
Ensure Oral Medication Safety -Thursday, September 19, 2019
Medicine can be a double-edged sword. If the drug is used reasonably, it can cure the disease; on the contrary, it can not cure the disease, but also affect the health of the body. According to the survey, drug errors accounted for 18.3% of medical errors in developed countries. Only by taking the medicine properly and reasonably can it be avoided and reduced.