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If you purchase our capsule filling machine cn series, you will receive a complete package that includes the following parts.
Is it bad to open capsule pills? -Wednesday, May 22, 2019
The action of “unplugging the capsule” is wrong, because the capsule itself has the effect of protecting the internal medicine from reaching the body for complete absorption. If only the medicine in the capsule is eaten, the effect is compromised.
You can find some answers to the questions about the Manual Capsule Filling Machine CN series(CN50/100/240/400/800) here.
What is an empty capsule made of? -Monday, May 20, 2019
The raw materials of empty capsules can generally be divided into gelatin capsules and vegetarian capsules. Gelatin is a white or light yellow, translucent, micro-glossy sheet or powder that is degraded by collagen in connective tissue such as animal skin, bone, and sarcolemma. It is a hydrophilic colloid of macromolecules and is a low-calorie health food with high nutritional value. Another large class of capsules are plant capsules. The outer shell of a plant capsule is generally prepared from a material such as starch, HPMC, Pullulan.
If you use our manual capsule filling machine CN50/100/240/400/800, To keep your machine in the best working condition, follow these maintenance tips.
In general, qualified capsules should be completely dissolved within 15 minutes of shaking in water at 37 ° C, which is similar to the dissolution time of ordinary tablets. Therefore, in general, it can dissolve quickly in the body temperature environment.
As the wide usage of the gelatin, some of its problems were gradually revealed. Therefore, many experts started to look for a new alternative for capsule material, which would be safer and healthier. HPMC (HYDROXYPROPYL METHYLCELLULOSE) is one of the suitable alternatives, and then it comes out HPMC capsule.
Capsules have been widely used in recent years due to their advantages such as relatively simple production process, convenient taking, fast onset, and effective isolation of the bad odor of drugs. For halal or vegetarians, vegetarian capsules may be more suitable for them. Compared with traditional gelatin soft capsules, the thermal stability of vegetarian capsules is even better.
Empty capsules mostly made of gelatin, can hold a variety of powders, liquids, semi-solids and tablets. In addition, the capsule has good bioavailability and it dissolves quickly, reliably and safely. The specifications of hollow capsules are generally divided into eight.
HPMC Capsule and Pullulan Capsule account for almost all themarket shares of vegetarian capsules. The main difference is that Pullulan Capsule is 70%-100% more expensive than HPMC Capsule. HPMC can only obtain vegetarian certification, while Pullulan can obtain vegetarian certification and organic certification.