Capsules are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry. It has the advantages of convenient and easy to take, reducing the stimulation of the ingredients on the stomach and masking the bad smell of the drug.

However, they sometimes break due to brittle problems, leaving a negative impression on the consumer. So, what factors will affect the brittleness of the capsule?

brittle problem

Capsule quality

If the gelatin used in the capsule has a quality problem or low moisture, the capsule is easily broken. In order to eliminate this possibility, the manufacturer should confirm the upper probability test with a empty shell before use.

Storage conditions

The storage conditions of the capsules are required to be higher than the general material storage conditions. It must be stored within the recommended temperature range, otherwise its moisture content will be affected. Too low a temperature or too low a relative humidity will make it brittle. Specific storage requirements can refer to: Storage of Empty Capsules.


Formulation factors that can affect the brittleness of a capsule include not only plasticizers, which affects the final hardness, dissolution characteristics, and physical chemical stability of the product. Changes in molecular weight also affect the mechanical properties of the polymer. If the molecular weight is lowered, the brittleness may also be deteriorated. In addition, there are other formulation parameters that affect the mechanical properties of the raw materials and capsules.


The filler in the capsule also has an effect on the physical properties of the capsule. If the content is hygroscopic, it will absorb the moisture of the capsule, causing the capsule to rupture.


If the pressing problem of the aluminum-plastic composite panel is caused during packaging, the sealing property is deteriorated, thus the capsule obtained by the consumer may be dehydrated and brittle.

In summary, the brittleness of capsules is the result of a combination of factors, and extensive experience in the field of capsule manufacturing is needed to identify the core underlying properties that affect capsule performance.