1. Gelatin raw materials

As the main raw material, gelatin is easy to cause microbial contamination in the production process. In order to prevent microbial contamination problems, oxidizing substances such as hydrogen peroxide are added to the production process. However, these residual peroxides will slowly decompose during the incubation of the gelatin solution in the production of hard capsules to generate oxygen, thereby forming bubbles in the glue.

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2. Process water

The process water used in the production of gelatin hard capsules should be purified water. However, if the water used for production is tap water containing peroxide or chloride, it is necessary to control the microbial growth by means of a disinfectant. A gelatin solution prepared with this water will generate oxygen during the incubation process to concentrate into bubbles.

3. Microbes

Because gelatin is a nutrient, it is highly prone to microbial growth. When there are too many microorganisms, bubbles are formed due to a large amount of gas generated by metabolism. If such a bubble is generated, the glue will emit an odor. In order to avoid the generation of such bubbles, it is necessary to control from the entire production process.

In order to avoid the generation of air bubbles by these factors, raw material control, production process control, and preventive measures can be taken to eliminate the cause of bubbles in advance, thereby minimizing losses.

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Reference: Shandong Industrial Technology