Broad market prospects, industry demand continues to grow

From the perspective of market demand, with the improvement of economic level and consumption capacity, population growth and aging, and the increase of people's health awareness will drive the sustained and rapid development of the healthcare industry, which in turn will drive the demand for empty capsules.

With the improvement of the living standards of the public, the enhancement of residents' health awareness, the change of consumption concept and the improvement of the consumption power of health products, the demand for empty capsules in the health care products industry is increasing year by year. With the increase in per capita disposable income and the improvement of health awareness, consumer groups are paying more attention to their own health, which has led to huge demand for healthy markets. Judging from the current situation, the per capita consumption level of Chinese health products is still relatively low. In the same period of 2015, the per capita consumption of the United States and Japan was US$140 and US$105, respectively, which were nearly five times higher than the average of US$23.8 per capita.

Industry supervision efforts are further improved

In 2012, the State Food and Drug Administration of China intensively introduced a series of regulatory measures and systems, and highly determined the determination to strengthen supervision of the pharmaceutical empty capsule industry. The "Regulations on Strengthening the Supervision and Management of Pharmaceutical Excipients" clearly require that pharmaceutical excipients production enterprises strictly implement the "Management Regulations for the Administration of Pharmaceutical Excipients" and supervise the pharmaceutical empty capsule industry with reference to the management mode of APIs. In the future, China's national drug regulatory authority will further improve the pharmaceutical excipients supervision system.

00 capsule rule

The related review and approval system was launched, and the empty capsule industry accelerated the survival of the fittest

On May 12, 2016, the State Food and Drug Administration of China issued the “Announcement on the Relevant Issues Concerning the Examination and Approval of the Relevant Examination and Approval of Pharmaceutical Excipients and Drugs (Consultation Draft)”. Under the relevant review and approval system, in theory, chemical companies, food enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, etc. can all participate in the competition, which will inevitably exacerbate the industry reshuffle; while the quality responsibility subjects are all transferred to the preparation enterprises, the preparation enterprises will be more concerned about the quality of the excipients and pre-sales. empty capsules will face a more severe test as an important pharmaceutical excipient after the whole process of technical service.

plant capsules become the future development trend of empty capsules

In order to meet the special needs of the modern pharmaceutical industry for research and development and preparation of new drugs, new types of medicinal empty capsules with various special functions have been introduced, including enteric capsules, plant capsules, and sustained-release capsules. With the increase of capsule varieties, in order to adapt to the filling of different types of contents, pharmaceutical companies have different requirements on the water content, friability and chemical stability of medicinal empty capsules. These have made the capsule enterprises need to continuously increase R&D investment to meet the needs of the downstream market. Among them, non-animal-derived empty capsules represented by plant capsules have become an important research and development direction of pharmaceutical excipients. The health care products industry with capsules as its main products is also in a period of rapid development, which will also drive the research and development of new types of capsules and enrich the product line of the capsule industry.