Tablet and capsule are two major forms of nutrition supplement. However, there used to be a poison capsule incident that capsule was detected of exceeded heavy metal in Asia, which brought out widely public concern of the capsule safety and could it be replaced by tablets?

tablet vs capsule

The answer is absolutely no, we have interpreted the capsules from many aspects in previously articles, many drugs could only fill by capsule due to various reason. But if some drugs that can be made both into tablets or capsules forms, could them replaced by tablets? The answer is negative either. Firstly, the capsules are easier to take than tablets, plus there will be many problems turning drugs into tablet shape. Secondly, even the drugs made into tablets, the process of making it may occur lots of problems such as causing pollution, meanwhile, forming tablets requiring excessive additives, which might alarm the safety concern as well.

Since the capsules cannot be replaced easily, enhancing the quality control of the raw materials and production of the capsules is another way to produce 100% safe capsules.