Our company provides capsule customization services. All sizes, colors and types of capsules can be designed according to your needs. In order to improve the traceability, aesthetics, and anti-counterfeiting protection of capsule products, CapsulCN can print on the surface of the capsule according to the images you provide.

Our machines are able to print the same or different colors in the body and cap of the capsule. Visit our "Design your capsule" page, where you can preview custom capsules by changing the capsule size, type, color, and uploading the pattern you want to print.

capsule design

The advantages of printing on capsules include:

  • Form your own brand and prevent forgery.
  • Improve the identification of different capsule drugs/supplements to distinguish capsules for different purposes.
  • Meet FDA requirements for product codes or labels.
  • Printed cartoons attract children to take medicine.

By the way, capsule printing uses medicinal or edible inks, or laser printing, which does not harm the human body.