The capsules take part a signification role among the varieties form of nutrition supplements. As a special dosage form, the soft capsule capable of sealing oil, solution, suspension or pasta drugs, and support customization of size, shape and color base on demand. The soft capsule is mainly driven from gelatin, meanwhile, additives such as plasticizer, opacifier, pigment and etc. are added in order to increase stability and differences.

In general, soft capsules have the following advantages over other dosage forms:

  • 1. Could be filled with almost all type of drugs, which keep the drugs away from reprocessing.
  • 2. Natural and comfortable appealing from vision, olfactory and tactile aspect. High patient compliance due to sealing the odor.
  • 3. The filling distributed is highly even, the best filling machine could control the error rate to 1%.
  • 4. The soft capsules could be easily processed with the coating, therefore, control the release rate of drug and improve bioavailability effectively.