There are many types of vitamins sold in the health care products market. According to the shape of the supplement, it can be divided into powder, tablets (effervescent tablets and chewable tablets), capsules, soft candy, liquid and the like. In terms of its efficacy and form, it can be divided into multivitamins, complex vitamins, and single-type supplements.

The first type is a multivitamin. The multivitamins contain almost all kinds of vitamins. Although there are many types of vitamins in this formulation, it may fully satisfy the body's needs for various vitamins. Because there is no standard composition of multivitamins, different brands of multivitamins contain different types of vitamins, and their nutrients vary by brand and product. This product may not be suitable for some people. For example, some vitamin supplements do not contain vitamin A or vitamin D. For those who are not deficient in vitamin A or vitamin d, it is appropriate to take; but for some people who lack vitamin A or vitamin D, the vitamin A or vitamin D contained in this product is not enough to meet the needs of the body. Therefore, this kind of vitamin is suitable for people who do not have a significant lack of a certain vitamin and are only supplemented to improve their health. In the purchase of such products, it is necessary to pay attention to the ingredients and contents of the product label.


A complex type of vitamin is similar to a multivitamin, a combination of several vitamins in a certain ratio. Such products are most commonly found in vitamin B complexes. B-complex supplements usually contain all eight B vitamins and can be conveniently loaded into one drug.

The last is a single form of vitamin. Such vitamin supplements contain only one vitamin, of which vitamin C and vitamin E are representative of a single vitamin preparation. Most of the two vitamins sold in the market are mainly tablets. Fat-soluble vitamins are easily oxidized when exposed to the air, so they are mostly packaged in capsule form. This supplement contains a single type of vitamins, which is suitable for targeted supplementation. For example, women usually use vitamin C to whiten and vitamin E to fight aging. But a combination of a single vitamin, fortified food, and your daily diet can lead to overdose. Therefore, when taking this type of vitamin, please consult your doctor to see if you really need to take it and take it as directed.