Capsule cosmetics are generally based on soft capsules technology. It is a cosmetic that seals the cosmetic contents in various soft capsules. It has several advantages over general cosmetics.

1. The appearance of capsule cosmetics is novel. This form of appearance, which is very different from traditional cosmetics, is attractive and novel to consumers. In addition, different styles can also express different themes for different purposes, so that they become a unique gift for friends and relatives.

2. The product will not cause secondary pollution during use. The capsule cosmetic packaging is exquisite and compact, and its contents are designed to be used once. Therefore, the consumer can use one capsule at a time, avoiding unnecessary pollution that may occur in other packaging forms during use.

3. Products’ safety is higher with capsule package. In order to prevent the deterioration of the contents caused by the secondary pollution that may occur in the traditional bottle and boxed products during use, the manufacturer must add more antiseptic and bactericide to the product formula, which is generally irritating and toxic to the skin. Since cosmetic capsules do not have secondary pollution, it is possible to add less or even no preservatives to such products, thereby greatly improving the safety of the products;

4. Capsules are easy to carry and use. Due to the packaging characteristics of such products, they are also suitable for use in vacation, tourism and field work while being used by consumers at home. And because its packaging is not easy to break, it is very safe to carry.