Nowadays, the main material of the capsule is gelatin. Although gelatin has many great characteristics, it does have its downsides. As the matter of fact, we have been doing R&D of new capsule materials over the years, and various types of capsules such as vegetarian capsules, X capsules etc. have been put into use. At present, the research on starch capsules has also become mature. In fact, in most of the case, our current raw materials for making capsules are sufficient and diverse. We have gelatin which is cost-driven capsules. We have specific gelatin (Kosher and Halal) for different religious customs. What’s more, we have vegetable capsules for vegetarian. Apart from this, there are actually more possibilities for capsules.

  • First of all, the shape of the capsule. For historical reasons, the majority of the capsules is oval shape as we previous discussed, other shape of capsules require additional cost, but with the development of the technology, there might be various and easier-to-use capsules to replace the current shape.
  • The taste of capsule comes into second place. Although the current capsules are not difficult to eat in term of taste, they definitely are not delicious. In the future, they may be fruit-flavored and chocolate-flavored capsules by adjusting the formula of capsules. By that time, the process of taking capsules should be more comfortable and pleasant.
  • In addition, we have considered adding the nutritional value of capsules. Although the current capsules are harmless to the human body, they do not add any benefit either. In the era of increasing health awareness, adding some nutrients to capsules may become an eye-catching buying point.

Overall, as the demand increases dramatically, the future capsules will not just a simple container to hold drugs.