Gelatin Capsules vs Vegetarian Capsules

Gelatin capsules are much more widely used than vegetarian capsules, because there are many benefits for using gelatin capsules. The main reason is the price. Vegetarian capsules are 80%-200% more expensive than gelatin capsules due to higher raw material costs and processing costs. The popularity of gelatin capsules also leads to more diverse of the suppliers, and more choice of capsule sizes. If you are using vegetarian capsules, the suppliers you can find are limited in number. And your production will be affected for accidental reasons. For example. something unexpected happens, and the supplier is unable to supply you with empty capsules or products, or maybe capsules are too popular to keep enough inventory for supplying. Yes, you could contact other alternate suppliers. but in any case, gelatin capsules will make the production line more adjustable in this regard.

Vegetarian capsules are worthy of their high price. According to the research of NMI SORD, in 2015, 44% of the US consumers said that it had a great influence on their choice of supplements that whether the material was vegetarian or not, while in 2006, it is important to only 26% of consumers. The public's higher demand on health enlarge the market of vegetarian capsules. In addition, gelatin is derived from pig skin, pork, beef bone or cowhide, hence some people are reluctant to take gelatin capsules owing to customs, culture reasons, etc., For instance, with Kosher and Islamic halal customs, people prefer vegetarian capsules.

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