Capsule drugs are used frequently in life. However, in actual production, the problem of softening of the capsule is often encountered, which is usually happened in spring and summer. The main reason is that the gel cap is not properly stored, which is affected by the temperature or adsorbs moisture in the air.

After the capsule is softened, it is not only easy to break down by bacteria, but also causes deformation or adhesion, which makes it difficult to fill the empty capsules and take the finished capsules. If you find that the gelatin capsules you bought are stuck together, you can do so by the following methods.

gel cap

First, find out the cause of the capsule adhesion. If the capsule softens due to moisture, it can be solved by the principle that the desiccant adsorbs moisture. The desiccant is placed in a dry glass dryer and the capsules to be treated are placed. Then, tighten the dryer cover. The drying time can be determined according to the degree of softening of the capsule. Pay attention to the drying time when using this method. Excessive drying can easily cause the capsule to become brittle or damage the rupture.

If the storage environment temperature is too high due to overheating, it can be solved by cooling. The softened empty capsules/ finished caps are sealed in the refrigerator for a while and then gently shaken. Most of the capsules can be dispersed during the shaking process. In addition, placing a small amount of edible powder such as corn starch, flour in a pill box for storing capsules also helps to eliminate the problem of capsule adhesion. Powder coatings help to reduce the stickiness of the capsule.

Of course, in order to properly store the capsule and ensure its medicinal properties, it is important to understand the capsule storage.