Although industrial gelatin and medicinal gelatin are not fundamentally different, industrial gelatin is definitely not used in the pharmaceutical industry. So how do we distinguish between these two gelatins?

From the standard, the most obvious difference is the inspection of chromium content. Industrial gelatin regulations do not include tests for chromium content, while both edible and pharmaceutical gelatin require a chromium content test. Therefore, they have a strict distinction between use and quality control.

Capsules made of industrial gelatin:

1. Capsules contain many impurities, which are relatively brittle, and are easily broken.

2. This kind of capsule is usually bright in color because it needs to add flavor, coloring agent, coloring agent, etc. to cover up impurities.

3. Due to the poor quality, material, process and bad processing environment of gelatin, many capsules are not closed tightly and the sealing effect is poor.

industrial gelatin capsules

Capsules made of medicinal gelatin:

1. The medicinal gelatin capsule is hard and bouncy. The capsule body is smooth and the incision is flat and not easily deformed. It can be divided into transparent, translucent and opaque ones.

2. The user can open the capsule by gently pinching the ends of the capsule. The capsule body and cap are unbonded, deformed or broken.