With the growing number of pet owners, how to care for pets has become a major problem. Especially when the dog is sick, you have to give it medicine. However, each drug has a corresponding response. When feeding a dog, pay attention to the choice of drug materials. In general, capsules and dispersible tablets are better, making it easier for dogs to take medicines.

feed dog

Tablets, capsules:

If the tablets and capsules administered have no peculiar smell and the dogs have an appetite, they can be fed with the food they like to eat. If this method does not work, the following administration methods can be tried.

Let’s suppose your dog is very docile. First, hold the tablet or capsule with the index finger of the right hand and the tip of the middle finger. Then, the thumb of the left hand is placed against the upper lip of the dog; the thumb of the right hand is placed on the lower jaw to press the lower jaw. After that, the tablets and capsules are sent to the deep part of the pharynx, and your hands are quickly taken out to close the mouth. Finally, gently pat the lower jaw to make it swallow the pill. When the dog licks his tongue, it proves that the drug has been swallowed.

For dogs that are not very docile, the mouth shoud be opened with the left hand as described above, and the medicine is sent from the inside of the lip to the mouth after opening.

For violent and closed dogs, after applying the above method to open the mouth, the drug is delivered to the base of the tongue with a special applicator or with a 15 cm long curved hemostat.

For dogs that are docile but have no appetite, first open the mouth as described above, and then inject the canned food into the canned or dried meat pieces through the lip side.


Because the powder is usually bitter, it is not so easy to eat by dogs. Therefore, we can use the cooked sweet potato to wrap the powder. The sweetness of the sweet potato can cover up the bitterness of the powder. Most dogs will like it. If this method is not successful, you can buy some pill capsules online and pour in powder to feed.


Compared to the first two, the syrup is better to feed. Some syrups don't taste bitter, and there may be some sweetness. Many dogs will drink it themselves. As for the bitter taste, you can use the injection needle. Note that a small amount of injection during the injection process is carried out along the inner gums of the dog. When filling, your feeding action should be slow to prevent the dog from being caught by the potion.