HPMC Capsule vs Pullulan Capsule

HPMC Capsule and Pullulan Capsule account for almost all themarket shares of vegetarian capsules. The main difference is that Pullulan Capsule is 70%-100% more expensive than HPMC Capsule. HPMC can only obtain vegetarian certification, while Pullulan can obtain vegetarian certification and organic certification.

In addition, there are other different features of HPMC Capsule and Pullulan Capsule from Gelatin Capsules:

With low moisture content and good toughness, it is not easy for HPMC Capsules to be affected with damp, therefore, HPMC capsules are suitable for filling hygroscopic materials and moisture sensitive material. They are chemically inert and won’t react or mix with any of the contents, which means they will not cause disintegration delay. It solves the problem that some material easily mix or react with gelatin, and can meet the filling requirements of medications with strong hygroscopicity.

Pullulan capsules provide an excellent oxygen barrier, can be disintegrated rapidly, has stable performance, can effectively isolate odor, and is the best choice for oxygen-sensitive material.

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