Mixing is an indispensable production process for modern industry. With the continuous development of Chinese industry, the development of mixing systems and mixing equipment will become more and more powerful.Mixing is used in the entire industrial field, such as chemicals, food, building materials, pharmaceuticals, and fertilizers. The products we use every day have at least one mixing process in the production.

There are many types of powder mixing equipment. This article mainly analyzes the commonly used equipment in the Chinese market in mechanical mixing equipment.

1Three-dimensional Mixing Machine

The mixing principle of the Three-dimensional Mixing Machine is gravity convection-diffusion mixing.


Multi-dimensional space movement can make the material fully mixed and uniform macroscopically.

No centrifugal force during mixing.

Free of dead corner.


Microscopically, it is not easy to achieve refined mixing.

The kinetic energy of the powder is too large, and the ultra-light powder and ultra-fine powder are easy to float and not easily mixed into the main powder.

Long mixing time, high power consumption, low loading rate.

The operating acceleration is large, and there are bad records of broken shafts, and the equipment is not easy to expand due to safety issues.

It is not easy to make large equipment with more than 1000 liters.

2V series Mixing Machine

The mixing principle of the V series Mixing Machine is gravity convection and diffusion mixing.


No dead corners of materials during mixing.

When the mixed powder has good fluidity and similar physical properties, a better mixing effect can be obtained.


Microscopically, the powder is not easy to mix well.

Ultra-fine powder and ultra-light powder are not easy to mix into the main powder.

There is gravity lifting movement, so power consumption is high.

There is a throwing motion, which will destroy the shape of the powder.

3Dual Cone Mixing Machine

The mixing principle of the Dual Cone Mixing Machine is gravity convection diffusion mixing.


The dual cone cylinder adapts to the mixing requirements of the mixed materials without dead angles.

The gentle running speed will not cause damage to fragile materials.

It can meet the production of large batches of batch mixing.


Refined mixing cannot be achieved.

Low mixing efficiency and long mixing time.

4Horizontal Ribbon-spiral Mixing Machine

The mixing principle of the Horizontal Ribbon-spiral Mixing Machine is forced shear mixing.


Large loading factor, small occupied area.

There are shearing blades inside to achieve uniform mixing at the microscopic level.

According to the output demand, the equipment can be made into a mainframe, and the price is relatively cheaper than other mixers.


If the bucket is fixed, there will be dead corners of the material.

The starting load of the equipment is extremely large, and it is difficult to start at full load, which is time-consuming and electricity-consuming.

There are residues in the discharge.

The selection of mixing equipment is based on as follows: 

First, select targeted mixing equipment according to the basic characteristics of the materials to be mixed;

Second, choose mixing equipment with different mixing capabilities according to the requirements of mixing uniformity.

一、For powders with poor fluidity, you can select a forced shear mixing mixer 

1Cause Analysis

Powders with poor fluidity often occurs in food industry. Because of poor fluidity, the particles inside the powder move slowly, which affects the mixing effect, the impeller with stirring needs to be forced to shear and stir inside the powder, so as to overcome the mixing difficulties caused by poor fluidity.

2Representative models

Ribbon-spiral Mixing Machine