Capsules have become one of the main dosage forms of oral solid preparations other than tablets. Medicinal gelatin empty capsule is a special kind of medicinal excipient, which enters the digestive system of the human body together with the medicine and is finally absorbed by the human body. Therefore, the quality is directly related to the safety of the medicine. The quality of gelatin and the standardization of its production process are the main factors affecting the safety of empty capsules.

There are several aspects that affect the quality of medicinal gelatin empty capsules:

Heavy metal content

At present, the content of heavy metals (chromium, arsenic, mercury, lead, etc.) in medicinal empty capsules made of gelatin has a great impact on human health. The bovine bone used for qualified medicinal gelatin should be the cranium and vertebrae which have the risk of infection in cattle. The pigskin and cowhide used should be fresh skin or frozen skin. The sanitary control of the production process, including production environment and production, equipment, intermediate control, health management, personnel management, etc., are all comply with relevant regulations. However, some unscrupulous companies use blue suede glue instead of medicinal gelatin in production, which makes the heavy metal content in medicinal gelatin seriously exceed the standard.

Preservatives and bacteriostatic microorganisms

Preservatives and Bacteriostatic Microorganisms are components that must be tested during drug testing. Some enterprises have incomplete control of the microbial indicators in the production process due to their poor production environment and sanitary conditions. In order to achieve the purpose of antiseptic, artificial preservatives and bacteriostatic agents are added. Excessive addition of preservatives and bacteriostatic agents will increase the toxicity of the drug to a certain extent, so strict control is required.

Beta-adrenergic agonist

Beta-adrenergic agonists are a commonly used veterinary drug whose main function is to promote animal growth, reduce fat deposition, and increase lean meat rate. However, long-term consumption of foods containing β-receptor agonist residues will cause great harm to human health.

Capsules have a wide range of uses in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the quality of medicinal gelatin capsules to ensure that people take good therapeutic effects when taking therapeutic drugs and health foods.

The empty capsules we sell are produced in strict accordance with the medical standards.