Maitake is a large mushroom known for its deliciousness and good health. Japanese legends believe that whoever finds such rare and precious mushrooms will dance happily, so they are called “dancing mushroom”. Historically, Maitake was used as a tonic. It can help improve good state and vitality. The consumption of such mushrooms is believed to prevent hypertension and cancer, and has become the focus of modern medical research.

The maitake extract is made from high-quality maitake and is fermented by process fermentation. According to the latest market research and forecast analysis, the mushroom extract is in the form of powders and liquids, capsules, etc., and the demand in the global pharmaceutical industry is increasing.

maitake mushroonPic by Charles Haynes from flickr

The medicinal value of Maitake mushroom extract includes the following aspects:


The study found that Maitake is rich in polysaccharides, which can prevent, kill or inhibit the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. For cancer patients who are receiving medical treatment, the combination of Maitake polysaccharide products can not only improve the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs, but also reduce the side effects of chemotherapy drugs; for patients after cancer surgery, it can prevent the metastasis of cancer cells and effectively prevent canceration of human cells.

Enhance immunity

Maitake Polysaccharide activates human T cells and macrophages, helping the immune system fight disease and repair tissue damage quickly and effectively.


According to a research report by Prof. Hiroaki Nanba of Japan Kobe Pharmaceutical University, the mice were fed with MD-Fraction, which has a markedly reduced blood sugar.

Now, the unique medicinal properties of Maitake Mushroom Extract have driven its growth in the pharmaceutical, food and health care industries.

It should be noted that when taking this extract, the choice of dosage depends on various factors such as the age, health and other conditions of the user. Please consult your pharmacist, doctor or other health care professional before use.