If you use our manual capsule filling machine CN50/100/240/400/800, To keep your machine in the best working condition, follow these maintenance tips:

Cleaning tools & conditions:

Clean the machine with nylon brush or air pump in room-temperature water.

Never clean the machine in hot water or sink it in corrosive liquid like alcohol, etc. for the whole night,

Never clean the machine with heating appliance like air heater, microwave oven, oven, etc.

Cleaning steps:

Using a nylon brush. wipe out powders on the tamper pins and spreader;

wipe out powders adhered on the powder guard;

directly unscrew the nuts on the top to take off the top bottom sheet, and clean all the powder contact parts.

Wipe out powders on the middle sheet;

Wipe out powders on the caps sheet;

Use a clean cloth to wipe out powders remained on the surface of all the sheets;

Dry the parts with a cold air blower or in the air.

Lubricate screws with a food grade lubricate such as Molykote 111, Vaseline or petroleum jelly.


Regular and proper cleaning and lubricating can ensure a smooth operation of the capsule filler and can extend its shelf life by 60-90%. It is suggested that the machined need to be cleaned and lubricated at the endof the day or shift no matter whether it is going to be used for the same or different type of supplement next day. You' d better not leave the machine with powders in it overnight, as some powders may dry, harden or get sticky. According to our experience, the frequency of cleaning should be increased when filling coarse powders.


Check out our Manual Capsule Filling Machine CN Series Instruction for more information.