Medicinal gelatin has a unique structure - its anion and cation dissociation on the molecular chain, making it have a good solubility and water retention. Gelatin solutions with concentrations up to 50% can be obtained by different dissolution methods. To completely dissolve gelatin in a short time, you can use hot water at 50~60°C or even 90~95°C. In addition, gelatin is insoluble in organic solvents.

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Compared with other aqueous colloids, medicinal gelatin has a suitable operable viscosity at temperatures as low as 50 to 70 °C. Above 40 ° C, the gelatin solution has the properties of Newtonian fluid. The high concentration gelatin solution is stored at 55-60 ° C for 4-6 hours without significant degradation. If the temperature is higher or the action time is longer, the gelatin solution will degrade. If the pH is lower than 5 under acidic conditions, or higher than 8 alkaline conditions, or in a lower concentration solution, the degradation effect is more significant.

Pharmaceutical gelatin gels are typically set at a specific temperature of 20-29 °C. The set temperature depends on the type, concentration, gel strength and viscosity of the gelatin. This process recombines gelatin's own molecular chains into a spiral. Gelatin colloids are viscous materials that combine both solid and liquid properties. The elasticity and hardness of gelatin are determined by the level of bloom grams (gel strength, refers to the hardness of the glue solution after cooling and solidifying into a jelly) and viscosity. (Gelatin solution generally gels between 20 and 29 ° C. The temperature of the gel varies depending on the gelatin type, concentration, bloom velues and viscosity. The gel process is a rearrangement between free molecular chains. It forms a spiral layout, which in turn constitutes a stable mesh layout. Gelatin is a viscoelastic material that combines both solid and liquid properties. Its elasticity and hardness are derived from the gelatin's own bloom value and viscosity.

Because gelatin has the common function, it can be used in different medical fields. In addition to general oral preparations (hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets), it also has special use, such as plasma gelatin.