Automatic Capsule Filler & Encapsulation Machine NJP-1200C

NJP-1200C automatic capsule filler processes the products for optimal productivity up to 1200 capsules per minutes, featuring low-maintenance operation, minimal downtime, and overall dependable production.

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With the development of the pharmacy machine’s technology, how to improve the automatization process of pharmacy machine and the efficiency of the produce become more and more urgent. In order to meet the requirements of the pharmacy machine’s development, we design and produce a fully enclosed automatic capsule-filling machine on the basis of the former NJP-series machine. This machine’s structure, power supply controlling, vacuum and aspirate system are all ameliorated innovatively. We can say it is really the most advanced machine in the pharmacy machinery producing line. Generally speaking, it is the machine which concentrating the structure, electric and air to a body.
The machine equipped with the various segments for suitable capsules, namely 00#,0#, 1#, 2#, 3# and 4#.

The equipment design is fully in line with the requirements of CGMP and FDA specification.


C Type Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
Machine model NJP-800C NJP-1200C NJP-2000C NJP-3500C
Max capacity 48000capsules/hour 72000capsules/hour 120000capsules/hour 210000capsules/hour
Suit for capsule size 00#-5# and safety capsule 00#-5# and safety capsule 00#-5# and safety capsule 00#-5# and safety capsule
No.of mould bores 6 9 18 26
Power 380V,50Hz,5.05kw 380/220v,50/60Hz,6kw 380/220v,50/60Hz,10kw 380/220v,50/60Hz,12kw
Noise <75dB <75dB <75dB <75dB
Machine dimensions 1080x1240x1930mm 1180x1340x1980mm 1500x1350x2100mm 1386x1156x2100mm
Net weight 800 kg 1000kg 1600kg 2500kg

D Type Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
Model NJP-1200D NJP-3000D
Capacity 72000caps/h 165000caps/h
No.of mould bores 9 21
Capsule size 000#-5# and safety capsule 000#-5# and safety capsule
Power 380/220V,50/60Hz,7KW 380/220V,50/60Hz,11KW
SNR <70dB <70dB
Dimensions 980*980*2100mm 1610*1210*2180mm
Net weight 1000KG 2200KG

The main innovated parts

  • With the patent technology of totally enclosed patent technology in the working table, it solves the inconvenience of dismantling and washing moulds, and the problem of adjusting mould assembly precision.(Patent No.: ZL 99 2 54535.8)
  • The dose adjusting device adopts stand adjusting patent technology, which can conduct trim the dose under no-stop state.(Patent No.: ZL 99 2 54534.X)
  • Adopting the lower cam structure in the working table rotation , it has good lubrication results and low wearing , prolonging the service life of the parts .

Working principle and main structure

This machine is a precise intermittent moving capsule filling machine, the following is its working flow chart.


  • cGMP design with emphasis in powder dust handling: Enclosed main turn table avoid dust getting into mechanical parts.
  • Automatic control for capsule and powder supply.
  • PLC control for reliable operation. Touch Screen HMI, featuring user friendly controls: production counter, manual / automatic / parameter setup modes, alarms.
  • Precision capsule segments and dosing disk minimizes adjustments following parts changeover.
  • SS 304 stainless steel frames and transparent safety interlock guards.