Nutrients are needed for human growth and maintenance. The physiological functions and toxicity of nutrients have a long history of research, and their effects on the health of the body are also clear. The nutrient requirements of different populations and different life stages are not exactly the same. From the history of the discovery of various nutrient functions, it is generally necessary to restore the recovery after the occurrence of nutrient deficiency in the body. Therefore, nutrients is aimed at preventing and treating diseases.

People use nutrient supplements for two purposes: one for disease management and the other for nutrient supplements for self-health management. Taking dietary vitamins and mineral supplements has become one of the lifestyles of many modern people. For high-risk groups, such as children and women of childbearing age, nutritional supplements play a recognized role in reducing nutrient deficiencies.

nutrients from vegetable

However, nutrients are also double-edged swords. If the intake is too large, it will cause adverse reactions and even poisoning. Consumers should follow the following principles when choosing nutrient supplements:

  •  Replenish the nutrients your body needs by improving your diet. If the daily intake of nutrients has reached the recommended standard, no additional supplements are required;
  •  When the body needs to increase the amount of certain nutrients or the nutrient intake in the diet does not reach the recommended standard (such as the loss of certain nutrients in the cooking process or the decline of physiological functions such as digestion and absorption in the elderly), it is necessary to supplement them according to the nutrients you lack, and control the dosage.
  •  Read the product label and instructions before taking the purchased nutrient supplement. The instructions will indicate the formula, functional ingredients, dosage, method of administration, suitable population, etc. The appropriate product should be selected according to the instructions;
  •  The price is not necessarily the more expensive the better. Customers should purchase appropriate nutritional supplements according to their actual needs;
  •  The dose of nutrient supplements cannot be measured by the “maximum tolerable intake” in “Dietary Nutrient Reference Intake”;
  •  Nutrient supplements are not a substitute for therapeutic drugs.

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