According to the Russian National University of Southern Ural, a team of scientists from Russia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Finland has discovered a mechanism for invalidating HIV molecules.

It is reported that novel heterocyclic polysulfide compounds have been discovered as antiviral drugs by this mechanism, and these drugs can be used for the treatment of various viral diseases having similar characteristics. The importance of this outcome is that a single drug can be used to treat different diseases, such as cancer and AIDS.

Oleg Lakiin, a professor at the National Ural National University, said that antiviral organic compounds enter the body and help remove zinc atoms from viral molecules, causing the virus to become inactive.

According to the Southern Ural National University, this is the first time that antiviral drugs have been found to have similar effects. In addition, during the research, scientists also discovered drugs with high antiviral activity, and would not "poison" ordinary body cells.