The raw material of the seaweed polysaccharide empty capsule is a plant polysaccharide extracted from seaweed. As a drug and pharmaceutical intermediate, seaweed polysaccharide has its unique pharmacological effects, which are gradually recognized by the scientific community and people. Seaweed polysaccharide has the functions of lowering blood fat, blood sugar, anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-radiation, anti-aging, immune regulation, liver protection and skin care. As a kind of high-efficiency biosorbent, it can improve the phagocytic capacity of blood cells and improve the activity of lysozyme. In addition, seaweed polysaccharide derivatives, as a cold protective medium for cells, provide an effective means for protecting living cells under cold conditions, which can improve the viability of cells.

Its superiority of physicochemical properties can overcome and avoid the defects of gelatin. The seaweed polysaccharide empty capsule is not easy to transfer its own moisture, not easy to absorb the drug water, and it can effectively inhibit the entry of external water vapor, thereby ensuring that the drug does not deteriorate due to moisture absorption and water absorption.

vegetable capsule

In the dissolution process, the seaweed polysaccharide empty capsule does not swell after absorbing water, avoiding the patient's abdominal fullness and loss of appetite due to a large amount of medication. In addition, the seaweed-based capsule is chemically inert, so it does not take cross-linking, Maillard, condensation and other reaction with the filling drug, which can effectively ensure the disintegration, dissolution and bioavailability of the capsule.

This vegan-friendly vegetarian capsule does not contain animal collagen that causes allergies in some people, which can be used to make herbal supplements. To purchase this capsule, please contact us.