Semi-auto Capsule Filling Machine JTJ-V Pro+

Semi-auto Capsule Filling Machine JTJ-V Pro + with Dual Loading System A cGMP-compliant capsule filling machine with innovative and flexible design options to meet the widest array of filling needs.

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After CapsulCN accumulated production experiences in manufacturing several thousand sets of JTJ-V Capsule Filling machine, CapsulCN developed the latest JTJ-V Pro+ can operate more efficiently and smoothly.
Numerous innovative operational and safety features that streamline the production process and provide processing speeds of up to 50,000 capsules per hour.
The capsule filler can handle all capsule sizes from 000 to 5. A special design allows for changing mold for different size capsules within 15 minutes easily, simply, and precisely.
Can fill material in powder, pellet, or granule forms.Tested by CapsulCN laboratory, failure-free in 10,000 hours of operation.


ModelJTJ-V Pro+
Control Panel Siemens
Capsule Size 000#, 00L#, 00#, 0L#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#
Capacity 30,000 to 50,000 per hour
Electrical Supply As electrical facilities vary from country to country, please provide your specifications at time of order so that the correct motors are supplied with your machine
Vacuum Pump 40m3/h
Compressed Air 0.03m³/min,0.7MPa
Overall Dimensions Length: 1140mm
Width: 700mm
Height: 1630mm
Weight: 380Kg
Package Size Length: 1650mm
Width: 800mm
Height: 1750mm
Weight: 500Kg


  • Double loading system, up to 50,000 pcs / hour, close to the output of a fully automatic filling machine NJP-800.
  • All capsule trays are hard anodized and the service life is extended by 4 years.
  • It has an infinite variable speed of filling table with independent power and fixed point filling that results in accurate dosage.
  • The horizontal closing system is more efficient, safety, and smoothly closes without damaging the capsules;
  • An independent motor box from the german brand BECKER, improving the durability and quality of the system