Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine JTJ-V Pro+

We provide you with the cleaning and maintenance work you need to do at each time period (daily/weekly/monthly/half-yearly)

Daily cleaning

Step1: Empty the capsule hopper. (You may also take out capsule loading board, capsule comb and horizontal fork to clean if there is much power around)

Step2: Close the air source, open the back door of the electrical box and pull out the cotter attached to the filling cylinder. After pushing the cylinder ahead, push the powder hopper backwards.

Step3: Press the filling button on the interface, prepare a barrel to receive the extra powder from the hopper.

Step4:Loosen the four screws of the hopper, and remove the hopper to wash it as well as the screws.

Step5: Cleaning done, assemble the hopper, and put hopper back to the filling position. Don’t forget to pull in the cotter back to its original place.

Step6: Clear the working platform and use dry cloth with alcohol to clean it.

Step7: Take out the Ejector pin plate, clean the parts of capsule-locking mechanism and discharging chute.

Step8: Check the water level of the oil-water separator in the electrical box, if there is too much water, open the water outlet of the air compressor to let go of some water.

Step9: Open the filter tank of the vacuum pump, take out the bag the clean it.

Step10: Check whether the tube of the vacuum is blocked. If so, take out the tube and clean it.

Step11: Take a monthly check of the filter core of the vacuum pump. Clean it with compressed air and replace the filter core when necessary.


Weekly maintenance

  • Grease all the lubrication holes
  • Lubricate the draw rod and the parts of mechanical movement of the capsule dispensing mechanism.


Monthly maintenance

  • Check the oil level of the visible window of the gear motor
  • Vacuum pump should be cleaned with compressed air


Half-yearly maintenance

  • Disassemble the vacuum filter bag and clean it.
  • Check the oil level of the visible window of the gear motor.