Picture of 1 x Carton Size 000 clear empty Pullulan capsules - U.S only

1 x Carton Size 000 clear empty Pullulan capsules - U.S only

Size 000 clear empty Pullulan capsules U.S warehouse

€1114.40 EUR

Product Description

Vegetarian Pullulan capsules are designed to hold any kind of medication - herbs, vitamins, and other substances. 100% HIDE VEGETARIAN CAPSULES (100% BSE FREE).


  1. 100% vegetarian derived from Pullulan
  2. Irritant-free and Preservative-free
  3. Suitable for different races
  4. We manufacture Empty Hard Pullulan Capsules of sizes 00, 0, 1,2,3
  5. Easily digestible and soluble in body and is also taste good without any odor.

Advantages of Pullulan:

  1. Pullulan capsule is brilliantly clear and shiny, which makes them visually attractive.
  2. Pullulan is chemically inert and does not react or cross link with the contents.
  3. Best choice for oxygen sensitive materials.
  4. Excellent oxygen barrier properties.
  5. Environment friendly with no toxic chemicals involved in harvesting pullulan.
  6. Natural, gluten free, preservative free, scratch free and do not contain any genetically source and is made up of natural vegetable source.
  7. Certified Vegan, Non-GMO, Vegetarian Society, Halal and Kosher certifications, complies with the medicine regulation laws and food regulation.

Safety Information

  1. Do not fill capsules with any liquid suspension because they will dissolve prior to consumption
  2. Keep away from direct sunlight, hot water and high temperatures
  3. Doses depend on the powder、medication reasons and other requirements