Soft capsules appear later than tablets, injections, and hard capsules. It can quantitatively inject and encapsulate oily substances, solutions or powders of functional substances in the gel film.

Soft capsules have some same characteristics as hard capsules. For example, they are neat and beautiful; swallowing is easy; they both can cover up the unpleasant smell of the drug and improve the bioavailability of the drug.

soft cap

Other features include the following:

  • 1. The liquid oily substance can be directly sealed into the soft capsule without using additives such as adsorbent and molding agents, and oil content inside is as high as 60% to 85% by weight.
  • 2. The volume is even and accurate. The solution loading accuracy can reach ±1%, especially suitable for drugs with strong drug effect and excessive side effects.
  • 3. The soft capsule is completely sealed, and the shell’s thickness can prevent oxygen from entering. Therefore, the capsules filled with volatile drug or the drug which is easily deteriorated by air can improve its stability and make the drug have a long storage period.
  • 4. Soft capsule is a purifying container. Its perfect sealing makes it impossible for foreign matter to be mixed in, which ensures the safety of the drug.