The storage of empty capsule shells is easily ignored by many people, because most people think that it is easy to stock the empty capsule shells. However. hollow capsules are as brittle as other medications, and incorrect storage will affect their quality and service life. Hence, hollow capsules also need to be carefully stored.

  • The package should be kept sealed before using. If it is already opened, take sterilization measures, otherwise, it will cause bacterial contamination.
  • Do not store capsules under high temperature and high humidity conditions, otherwise capsules will be adhered and deformed because of being heated, and capsules could be neither placed in an environment with lower temperature and humidity, or the capsules will become brittle. The stock temperature should be 15 - 25 ° C; the relative humidity should be 35 - 65%.
  • The empty capsules are easily broken if the water content is too small, while the capsules will be deformed with high water content. The water content of the empty capsule should be controlled between 12.5 and 17.5%.
  • The package with capsules should be placed on the shelves, in a cool, ventilated place, to be avoid being placed near windows and pipes avoiding sunlight and heat sources.
  • Cannot be placed at will or stressed.

Capsules could be kept for more than 9 months when stored as the above suggestion.