In the early 18th century, the soft capsule already came out. One story is that French pharmacists Mothesh and DuBlanc invented soft capsules, by 19th century, the manufacture technology of soft capsule gradually developed and flat mode soft capsule machine was invented and used by that time.

In 1933, Robert P.Scherer invented and commercialized the rotary die encapsulation process, after that, the soft capsules began to appear on a large scale.

In 1995, Bioprogress unexpectedly discovered a substance with high elasticity and toughness when developing new materials for waterproof diapers and sanitary napkins, they called it Xgel. This material can change its physical performance through different additives. After years of research, the first soft capsules made of Xgel were successfully launched in 2007, which many believe may change the future of the traditional pharmaceutical industry.