In the usual fitness process, it is inseparable from nutrition. Reasonable nutrition makes the fitness effect better. Creatine capsule can increase muscle and strength, so it is very important in fitness. But for this kind of product, the use and effect are very many. Let's take a look at the use of creatine capsules.

1. Promote physical recovery

Usually, the energy in the body will be consumed a lot during training, so you will feel fatigue and soreness. At this time, creatine capsules or creatine powder can be used. It quickly replenishes the energy consumed and quickly relieves fatigue.

2. Muscle cell expansion

Creatine capsules can expand muscle cells. Consumers should pay attention to drink plenty of water when using it, because muscle cell expansion refers to the storage of creatine. Creatine locks moisture in muscle cells, which are saturated with more anabolic cells.

3. Promote the maintenance of nitrogen levels

I believe that everyone has heard of nitrogen levels during the training process. Nitrogen levels are divided into positive and negative nitrogen balances. In the synthesis of muscle, a positive nitrogen balance is generally required. Exercisers can take creatine to keep the positive nitrogen in balance.

4. Provide energy

If a fitness enthusiast uses creatine capsules before training, he will not feel very strenuous during the training. Creatine can quickly provide energy to the body, improve muscle strength, endurance and speed, prevent fatigue, and thus promote training effect.

Here are so much about the use of creatine powder. However, if you want to use such a product, you must pay attention to its dosage and follow the instructions described in the manual.