1. Smokers: smoking will hinder the body's absorption of vitamin B3, so in addition to the normal diet, smokers should also take additional supplements.

2. Alcoholics: Alcohol consumes a large amount of vitamin B in the body, and long-term alcoholics should take at least 75 mg of vitamin PP per day.

3. People who are prone to fatigue and burnout: Vitamin PP is needed for the metabolism and production of human energy. It not only promotes blood circulation, but also helps to alleviate fatigue.

4. People who often feel anxious, or who have instable emotion and mental condition: Vitamin B3 has a calming nerve effect, which can effectively alleviate these mental symptoms. All people with such symptoms need to be supplemented. (It cannot replace drug treatment)

5. Insomnia patients: Vitamin B3 is often used to improve insomnia caused by depression, and effectively reduce the number of insomniacs waking up at night.

6. People with frequent headaches: vitamin B3 can improve blood circulation in the brain. Therefore, this capsule supplement can effectively relieve headaches caused by brain power, physical overdraft or excessive pressure.

7. People with high cholesterol: vitamin B3 has the effect of lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. It can improve blood circulation, reduce bad cholesterol - low density lipoprotein (LDL), and increase good cholesterol - high density lipid Protein (HDL). Therefore, this group of people should take more vitamin B3.

8. People who have bleeding gums when brushing teeth: bleeding gums is a signal of lacking of vitamin B3. When the body's vitamin PP is insufficient, it may cause symptoms of nosebleeds, subcutaneous hemorrhage and other microvascular bleeding. As long as it is added in time, symptoms can be alleviated.

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