Capsules can be made in virtually any color in technical aspect, including a variety of different transparency, color combinations of body and cap, even the gloss varies. However, most of the capsules on the market are composed of two colors and there isn’t a clear patent of combination, the main reasons are:

  • l Improving patient’s compliance, colorful capsules are more likely to be eaten by children.
  • l Segmenting from different drugs, pharmaceutical manufacturers might mess up different drugs due to the same color capsules. Also, when the multiple capsules are needed for patience, different color help with the identify and reduce the possibility of eating wrong capsules,
  • l The capsules are normally consisted of two parts, the color differentiation helps distinguish the cap and body, therefore, avoiding the packaging error tremendously.

In addition, the color of the capsule mainly for identification and aesthetics which has nothing to do with drug efficacy. If the pharmaceutical industry could regulate each color of capsules represents a certain type or the characteristics of a drug in the future, it will be much more convenient for the customer and pharmaceutical company.