One advantage of capsules over tablets is that they are not only capable of delivering solids but also capable of delivering non-aqueous liquids and semi-solids. In general, oily, liquid, and the like, which are difficult to compress into tablets, or which have an odor, are often in the form of capsules. The followings are advantages of capsule form.

health care capsules

1. Avoid irritation to the stomach

Some ingredients, such as grape seed extract, are more irritating to the stomach, and capsules can be used to avoid irritation. Because the enteric capsule is not digested by stomach, the nutrients will be absorbed after the capsule enters the small intestine, avoiding the stimulation of the stomach.

2. Reduce the loss of nutrients

Some ingredients such as propolis, royal jelly, etc., will be better absorbed in the small intestine. The enteric capsule allows the ingredients to reach the small intestine smoothly, reduces the loss of ingredients during transport, improves the absorption rate.

3. Delay the release of nutrients

For ingredients that require delayed release and are not suitable for tableting, the sustained release granules can be made into capsules, which can also achieve sustained release and delayed action.

4. Improve poor taste

Some ingredients have odor, bed taste, such as fish oil, astaxanthin which has astringency, and is difficult to swallow. Being filled in capsules makes them easy to take.